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Tree Trimming, Pruning, & Mulching

Healthy trees, shrubs, and bushes add privacy and beauty to your property's landscaping. It is important to keep to the proper trimming, pruning, and keeping shrubs to their proper shape, for a healthier and fresh landscape look. It is best to trim, prune and keep shrubs to shape when you notice a loss of shape and they have grown too tall or too wide. When you notice sunlight being blocked from reaching your property and begin to encroach on the space of other plants, it's time for a trim. Prune whenever you start to notice the center of the bush beginning to lose leaves or take on a twiggy appearance. This means the inner part of the plant is not receiving enough sunlight because the outer branches have taken over. Lasstly if you notice the tree or shrub take on a sickly appearance, it's best to remove the infected or diseased portion so you give the rest a better chance for survival.

Importance of Mulching

Mulch is very valuable for your trees and a plants' health because it insulates the soil, helping it to provide a buffer from heat and cold temperatures. Mulch also keeps weeds out to help prevent root competition. It also retains water, helping the roots stay moist and prevents the soil from compacting.