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Spring & Fall Cleanup

Serving the South River, NJ Area!

Keeping your lawn maintained entails real deal labor. You generally don’t want to remove more than 30-40% of the plant tissue, but you still want to remove dead grass, leaves, and other debris. Lawn maintenance may also require topdressing soil or a deep raking to remove thatch in the fall seasons.

Our spring cleanup service will remove grass blades that died in the winter, and is one of the most important seasonal clean ups. On the other hand, our fall cleanup service will get everything cleared off your lawn for a better looking landscape environment.

Maintenance may also vary depending on if it is a residential or commercial property, location weather or seasonal patterns, and your overall landscape. Our landscaping company specializes in professional lawn care service. You can learn more about our spring & fall cleanup service by contacting us at G.S. Lawn Service & Landscaping LLC in South River, NJ.